Blood pressure monitors and thermometers (14)

Infrared Thermometer ITR-QY


Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Beurer BM49 White


Infrared Thermometer E-202 White (Refurbished B)


Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor AS-55G Black (Refurbished B)


Digital Thermometer HPC400 (Refurbished A+)


Thermometer Braun Age Precision PRT2000 (Refurbished A+)


Screen Mobiclinic Termómetro infrarrojo White (Refurbished A+)


Blood Pressure Monitor Medisana BU 530 22-36 cm (Refurbished A+)


Thermometer Braun Digital (Refurbished C)


Blood Pressure Monitor Medisana BU 546 (Refurbished D)


Thermometer iHealth PT3 (Refurbished A+)


Digital Thermometer Beurer FT65 White


Digital Clock 146652 Thermometer


Infrared Thermometer iHealth PT3 LED White