Face and body treatments (32)

InnovaGoods Muscle Electrostimulator Pulse


InnovaGoods Slimming Patches (Pack of 5)


Jowl Reducer with Phototherapy, Thermotherapy and Vibration Kinred InnovaGoods


Rechargeable Facial Impurity Hydro-cleanser Hyser InnovaGoods


Mini Cosmetics Fridge Kulco InnovaGoods


5-in-1 Ultrasonic Facial Cleaner Feanser InnovaGoods


Anti-ageing Eye Massager with Phototherapy, Thermotherapy and Vibration Therey InnovaGoods


Invisible Breast-lift Stickers InnovaGoods Pack of 24 units


3-in-1 Ultrasonic Cavitation Anti-cellulite Massager with Infrared and Electrostimulation CellyMax InnovaGoods


Set of Magnetic Slimming Patches with Plant Extracts Stickerb InnovaGoods (pack of 30)


Rechargeable Anti-cellulite Suction and Heat Massager Cellout InnovaGoods


5-in-1 Vibrating Anti-cellulite Massager with Infrared Cellyred InnovaGoods


Multifunction Eco shower with Aromatherapy and Minerals Shosence InnovaGoods


InnovaGoods Tooth Polisher and Whitener


Tooth Whitening Pencil InnovaGoods (Pack of 2)


InnovaGoods Professional Tooth Whitener Kit