Slippers, insoles and other items (12)

Acupuncture Massage Slippers InnovaGoods


Stockings Scholl (Size M) (Refurbished A+)


Stencils Ultnice Viscoelastic foam Size M (2 pcs) (Refurbished A+)


Stockings Scholl Light XL (Refurbished A+)


Dr Scholl Black 20 Den Light Compression Tights - S


Shoe racks Munich


InnovaGoods Magnetic Slimming Rings (Pack of 2)


Silicone Gel Heel Lift Insoles Elivate InnovaGoods


InnovaGoods Pressure Points Magnetic Insoles


InnovaGoods Cut-Out Memory Foam Insoles


InnovaGoods Relaxing Toe Separator (Pack of 2)


Dr Scholl 20 Den Natural Light compression stockings - S